Septic Treatment for Home & Commercial

Home & Commercial Septic Treatment Additives

DRP Chemical's Accelerator product line for home, commercial, and RV septic systems is the most effective septic treatment product on the market.

Accelerator products aggressively accelerate the reproduction and growth of bacteria in aerobic and anaerobic systems to clear organic solids in pipes, septic tanks, and drain fields -- reducing and even eliminating the need for septic pumping. 

Used by homeowners, plumbers, and commercial maintenance professionals, the benefits of Accelerator products include:

  • Organic solids cleared (reduced to liquid and harmless gases)
  • Odors are eliminated
  • H2S elimination
  • Septic pumping avoided in many cases

Inviting Distributors and Retailers

If you are interested in being a distributor, retailer, or reseller of Accelerator septic treatment products, call us at (832) 808-1578 or complete the form on this page to discuss how we can work together.

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