Cleanup or Separate Oil

Bio-Solutions for Oil & Paraffin

Oil & Gas applications are available for oil separation, oil cleanup, downhole paraffin reduction, and solids control.

Cost reductions and solved operational challenges are the top two benefits for our clients. DRP Chemicals' organic, environmentally safe bio-accelerator and related products also reduce or eliminate H2S.

We have solutions for a range of oil and gas applications and challenges including:

  • Cleaning oil-wet solids
  • Paraffin wax cleaning (downhole)
  • Oil spill cleanup
  • Saltwater disposal cleanout reduction

Our exceptionally cost-effective solutions are safe for the environment as well as for people.

Custom solutions are available. Call us to discuss your unique challenge.

Call (832) 808-1578 or complete the form to discuss your unique challenges, ask questions, or get pricing. We are happy to work with end-users, distributors, and resellers.

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