Odors Eliminated at Lift Station Surrounded by Restaurants (Kemah Boardwalk)

The odors at this lift station in the parking lot of the Kemah Boardwalk — a popular local eating and entertainment area near Galveston, TX — were so bad that restaurant managers said they were losing thousands of dollars weekly because customers didn’t want to endure the rancid sewage smell while eating (and reasonably so).

The smell was horrible. The lift station was pumping the waste from the dozen or so restaurants in the vicinity, and the fats, oils, and greases from the restaurant kitchens (in addition to the human waste) created an exceptionally smelly, rancid odor.

We introduced DRP Accelerator into the lift station and the odors were gone within days. You can only detect the odor if you are standing directly over the lift station pit (which is inaccessible to the general public). Odor is a non-issue at the Kemah Boardwalk now.

The main goal with this lift station is odor reduction — which requires a lesser amount of treatment — but the treatment plant will also be seeing a reduction in solids at the plant, cleaner pipes, and decreased corrosion of equipment, pumps, and manhole covers due to the elimination of H2S gases.


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