Nitrate-Free Odor Control

Eliminate Odors & H2S, and Increase Throughput

Eliminate Odors in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Lift Stations

Improve the efficiency, capacity, and overall throughput of your wastewater treatment facilities with DRP Chemical's Accelerator formulas.

Our formulations aggressively accelerate the reproduction and growth of bacteria in wastewater systems delivering benefits including:

  • Eliminate odors
  • Eliminate H2S production
  • Longer life of manhole covers, pumps, and equipment
  • Nitrate-free solutions
  • Increase treatment capacity
  • Clear organic solids

Our exceptionally cost-effective solutions are easy to calculate and are completely safe for the environment and people.

Applications Include:

  • Throughput and capacity increases
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Town and city lagoons
  • Facility lagoons
  • Ag / Livestock lagoons
  • Desludging
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Environmental cleanup

Call us at (832) 808-1578 or complete the form to discuss your unique challenges and how we can help you move beyond them to a more smoothly operating treatment facility.

"We were gettings calls every week from citizens complaining about the odors from the lift station but now the odors are gone and so are the complaints." 

"It's simple. Put the product in and the smell goes away. Don't put it in and the smell comes back. It's clear that it works."

"It turned an acre of [livestock] lagoon sludge into water we could pump out. Impressive."

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