Wastewater Lagoon Treatment

Safely clear sludge and organic solids from your lagoons

Wastewater Lagoon Cleaning

Significantly reduce costs and maintenance headaches with DRP Chemicals' lagoon treatment solutions.

Safe for your animals and the environment, our bio-accelerator treatment solutions turn thick, sludgy lagoon waste into liquids and harmless gasses -- significantly extending the time between mechanical lagoon cleanouts, or even eliminating them altogether.

Depending upon the lagoon application, benefits include some or all of the following: 

  • Reduce organic solids to harmless gasses and liquids
  • Massive cost reduction for cleanouts and management
  • H2S reduction or elimination
  • Odor reduction or elimination
  • Develop and sustain a more healthy lagoon biome
  • Create cleaner & healthier lagoon for animals and people

A typical treatment with DRP Chemicals' organic, environmentally safe solutions turn immobile lagoon waste into easily pumpable medium that can removed with a standard 3 or 4" trash pump.

Save thousands of dollars for your livestock and/or wastewater operation.

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