Eliminate Lagoon Odors & Turn Organic Solids Into Pumpable Liquids

Lagoon Cleaning Solutions

Significantly reduce costs and maintenance headaches with DRP Chemicals' DRP Accelerator™ lagoon cleaning solutions.

Odor & Solids Reduction in Waste

Eliminate odors -- and the related complaints -- quickly, effectively, and inexpensively with DRP Accelerator™.

Turn acres of built-up sludge into pumpable liquids that can be used for irrigation or removed less expensively than by excavation.

A recent in-field test of composting livestock manure confirmed a 95% reduction in H2S and reduction of odor to relative zero (you can only smell it if immediately nearby) after using DRP Chemicals' DRP Accelerator™ treatment. 

No special equipment is needed to apply DRP Accelerator™ solutions and you can apply the treatments to liquid or solid waste.

Highlights of DRP Chemicals' lagoon treatment: 

  • For animal and human wastewater
  • Reduce organic solids to pumpable liquids
  • Up to 95% H2S reduction
  • Odor elimination
  • Non-toxic (totally safe for people, animals, and the environment)
  • Non-flammable
  • Use on liquid and solid waste
  • No special equipment or systems required
  • Exceptionally cost-effective treatment

Solids & Odor Elimination in Wastewater Lagoons

Significantly reduce costs and maintenance headaches with DRP Accelerator™ lagoon treatment solutions.

Safe for your animals and the environment, our bio-accelerator treatment solutions turn thick, sludgy lagoon waste into liquids and harmless gasses -- significantly extending the time between mechanical lagoon cleanouts, or even eliminating them altogether.

Depending upon the lagoon application, benefits include some or all of the following: 

  • Reduce organic solids to harmless gases and liquids
  • Massive cost reduction for cleanouts and management
  • H2S reduction or elimination
  • Odor elimination
  • Develop and sustain a more healthy lagoon biome
  • Create cleaner & healthier lagoons for animals, people, and the community

A typical treatment with DRP Chemicals' organic, environmentally safe DRP Accelerator™ solutions turns immobile lagoon waste into easily pumpable medium that can be removed with a standard 3 or 4" trash pump.

Save thousands of dollars for your livestock and/or wastewater operation.

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