A Free Six-week Wastewater Trial with DRP Accelerator™

Zero cost to participating systems. We only require metrics. 

The Trial Treatment Program

Participating wastewater treatment systems will receive up to 6 weeks of free treatment using DRP Accelerator™ to solve one (or a combination) of these wastewater treatment challenges:

  • Sewage odors
  • Solids reduction
  • Dangerous H2S gas levels

In exchange for the free treatment, the system operators are asked to provide metrics around odor/H2S/solids levels, flow rates, electricity use, and similar metrics before, during, and after the treatment. The trial and results will be published in white papers and promotional materials.

About DRP Accelerator™

DRP Accelerator™ aggressively accelerates the reproduction and growth of bacteria in wastewater systems delivering benefits including:

  • Reduce solids disposal by up to 50%
  • Clear existing organic solids
  • Thin out sludge & scum
  • Eliminate odors to relative zero
  • Eliminate H2S production and achieve safe levels
  • Increase system throughput
  • Multiply the life of manhole covers, pumps, and equipment
  • Reduce fats, oils, and greases (FOG's)
  • Nitrate-free solutions
  • Reduce and/or optimize electricity demand
  • Reduce additional capital expenditures

DRP Accelerator™ is are entirely safe for the environment and people. Totally non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe to use around food products (NSF-approved).

Who Can Apply for The Treatment Trial Program

The program is open to municipal wastewater treatment systems whose system and/or challenge meet these specs:

  • Located in the United States
  • A daily flow rate of 500,000 gallons or less (for the entire system OR for the lift station(s) to be treated)
  • Treatment system OR lagoons system
  • Has a definable problem with odors, H2S levels, or solids (or a combination)
  • Is willing to provide DRP Chemicals with access to their system for treatment
  • Is willing to provide metrics and measurements about the system and for those to be published

How to Apply

To apply for the program, please complete the form on this page. We will contact you shortly to discuss your wastewater treatment system and challenge(s) and discover if you are fit for the program. If so, it is possible your trial can begin within weeks.

"We were gettings calls every week from citizens complaining about the odors from the lift station but now the odors are gone and so are the complaints." 

"It's simple. Put the product in and the smell goes away. Don't put it in and the smell comes back. It's clear that it works."

"It turned an acre of [livestock] lagoon sludge into water we could pump out. Impressive."

5/8/23 Update: 3 Spots Left

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